• We are A.B.A !

Our Objectives


Culture is our legacy. ABA exists to promote the proud cultural heritage of the Bamileke people of Cameroon.


We pay attention at enhancing the socio-economic capacity of the Bamileke community of Georgia.


Identifying indigenous resources for the ultimate benefit of the Western Region of Cameroon.


Facilitate a spirit of collegiality and collaboration between members of the Bamileke community.


Enhance our ability as a people to carry out economic, social, and cultural development.


With other Bamileke associations in the State of Georgia and beyond, as well as other Cameroonian organizations.


Welcome to the website of the All Bamileke Group Inc, popularly known as the Association of Bamilekes in Atlanta (ABA). ABA was created in 2007 as an association of Bamilekes residing in the State of Georgia, USA.

The Bamileke ethnic group of Cameroon is predominantly in the Western Region of Cameroon and comprises smaller groups with the same ancestry and similar history, culture, and languages.


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Basic Information

Official Name : All Bamileke Group Inc.
DBA Name : Association of Bamilekes in Atlanta
Acronym : ABA
Official Motto : Solidarity - Respect - Equality

Membership is open to

1.A Bamileke residing in the State of Georgia.
2.The spouse of a Bamileke residing in the State of Georgia.
3.Bamileke children who are 18 years old and reside in the State of Georgia.
4.Non-Bamileke residing in the State of Georgia, if the individual is referred by an active member of the association and approved by a simple majority vote of the members present during a General Assembly meeting.

General Assembly Meetings

Frequency : Once a Month
Meeting Time : 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Meeting Days : 3rd Saturday of every month
Meeting Venue : 3845 North Druid Hills Road, # 106, Decatur, GA 30033
Due to COVID-19, all meetings are online.